What are the SYMBIO objectives?

The main objective of the proposed project is to develop an innovative and efficient system for utilization of hydrogen for production of biogas with upgrading and enhancement of the produced biogas, and with wind power conversion and CO2 fixation into methane.

The project has the following sub-objectives in order to achieve the main objective:

  1. Establish an efficient process for utilization of H2 with CO2 originating from exhaust for production of biogas, independent on biomass availability.
  2. Establish a technical solution for hydrogen injection in the anaerobic reactors in order to achieve efficient H2 conversion and biogas upgrading.
  3. Develop and optimize the biological process for hydrogen utilization based on naturally occurring microorganisms (not pure cultures) in anaerobic reactors

Evaluate the environmental and socio-economic impacts of the new process, compare to alternative means of storing electricity and providing carbon fuels and feedstock, and design an optimized renewable energy system centered on biogas for wind power storage and CO2 fixation decoupled from excess biomass demands.